Our First Friendship Group Vacation

My husband and I are part of a group of friends who love to do all kinds of things together. We go out to eat at least once or twice a month, we go to concerts together, and we are always having a get together at one of our houses. Others join in from time to time, but there are 12 of us in the core group of this friendship. One thing we have never done before is to all go on vacation together, but that changed when a few of us started looking at https://mykonosestates.com.

The reason we had never been on vacation together before is because it is just too hard to plan something that lasts around a week with all of our schedules. My sister and her husband as well as her neighbor and her husband are part of this group, and the three of us were looking to see if there was a nice villa we could rent in Greece so the six of us could try and work out a vacation plan just for us.… Read More