4 Top Autumn Destinations to enjoy holidays

Summer is over and Autumn is swiftly coming to take its place. Known as the season where colder temperatures begin and leaves start their inevitable decline, Autumn can be both rewarding and depressing – depending on who you are. But if Autumn gets you down then you need to book a holiday away that will revitalize your senses and bring the joy back to your pace.

There are plenty of destinations to pick from, but we’ve picked our top 4. They provide all the luscious culture and fun times that you need to get through the season. Some even have splendid temperatures.

But before you pack your bags for one of the destinations, you need to find the right accommodation first. Serviced apartments are the best way to experience any destination of cultural interest. Serviced accommodation comes with all the features of home and are always located near to the substantial transport connections you need to get to major attractions.

And now, find out where out where you should be going on your autumn holidays.

Hong Kong

Believe or not but October-November are some of the best months to visit Hong Kong. Upon arrival, you will find a pleasant breeze, sunshine and moderate temperatures running amok to give you the agreeable climate you need to relax on Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon peninsula and the other 261 islands that constitute as Hong Kong.

Some of the islands’ biggest attractions can be just as exhilarating as they always are like Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Wong Tai Sin Temple and the Hong Kong Museum of History.

So book your stay in Hong Kong and take in the great sights with leafall, soothing breezes and pleasing temperatures.


The city of Berlin may always have a cold look regardless of what time of the year you go, but that’s simply the architecture for you. During the autumn, Berlin has a wide variety of events and attractions that light up the city and provide much needed colour to the brown and yellow of the season.

From the Festival of Lights (starting on October 5th) to all the other Berlin attractions like the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Reichstag Building, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Wall and Berlin Cathedral – this city is one of the many fantastic cities to visit in the autumn.

If this all sounds good, then place your apartment booking to city of Berlin.


You’ll find that autumn in Amsterdam is a delight to behold due to its reputation of being the one of the leafiest cities in Europe. This means that the city will be plastered with the browns and yellow of autumn – almost swamped. Kicking around leaves and throwing them everywhere won’t feel old at all. In fact, it could take you back to your childhood days.

But if hills of leaves don’t do it for you then some of the events in Amsterdam during autumn will get you more than excited. The Amsterdam Dance Event makes the city the dance capital for a period of 5 days in October. 120 venues take part so you can dance all night long if you wish. Special museum exhibitions, halloween events, film festivals and more can be explored at your leisure too.

Staying in Amsterdam is always a treat, especially in autumn, so don’t forget to book your stay.


Due to its tropical climate, Singapore is very warm throughout most of the year. You’ll think it’s still summer here. So if you want a bit of sun in the autumn, then Singapore might well be one of the best destinations for you.

The Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 is one of the top attractions in Singapore in the autumn. You can’t afford to miss it. The event happens on the 24th September and features stunning displays of lights and activities for everyone. Aside from that, you can expect to get involved in all the other highlights like Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Gardens in the Bay, Universal Studios Singapore and more.

A stay in Singapore is one to be had in the autumn, Be sure to get your trip booked soon

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