Things to see and do in Monaco

Surrounded by beautiful blue seas and a perfect climate, Monaco is a principality blessed with wealth, glamour and natural beauty. Fancy unleashing your inner Janes Bond or trying your luck at the casinos? Here are some of the top things to see and do next time you visit Monaco:

1. The Palais du Prince

Sitting high above Monaco, this impressive palace has its origins in the 13th century as a Genoese fortress. The palace is open to visitors when the Prince isn’t in residence and you can tell by looking for whether the flag is flying in the main tower. If it is, he is at home. Highlights include the gallery, the Blue Room, the chapel and the Throne Room.

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  1. Monte Carlo Casino

As one of the most famous casinos in the world, this is a must on your Monaco itinerary. Its architecture follows the extravagant Beaux Arts style and was built in 1893. The interior of marble and onyx columns is lavishness and opulence defined. Be sure to visit the different games rooms, the stunning artwork and chandeliers.

  1. The Musée Oceanographique

Monaco boasts one of the oldest aquariums in the world that is dedicated to marine artefacts, exhibitions and oceanography. Some of the … Read More

5 Ways That You Can Stay Healthy Whilst On Holiday

  • One of the best things about going on holiday and travelling to new places is the food, culture and exploring the local area. But, if you spend time at home working on your fitness and looking after yourself, then you don’t want to unravel all of your hard work on holiday.
  • So, how do you enjoy your holiday, all of the delicious food and drink on offer and stay fit and healthy? Here are 5 handy tips to help you during your next holiday.

Navigate The Hotel Breakfast Options

After spending the night sleeping in a wonderfully comfortable bed, is there anything better than heading down for a full breakfast spread in the morning? But, if you want to stay healthy whilst you are on holiday, there are some things you can do to carefully navigate the buffet selection.

When it comes to breakfast, try and make your choices the night before and have a look at the healthy options first rather than loading your plate with everything that you see. Mix it up each morning, so that you’re not depending on the same thing each day. Look for freshly made omelettes or fresh fruit and yoghurt for healthy, nutritious choices.

Stay Active

It’s tempting, once you are on holiday, to just lie and relax by the pool. However, staying active during your holiday will not only make you feel more relaxed during the day, but it’s a great way to see the local area. Head out for a 20 … Read More

Tips On Travelling by Plane

Various transportation is available for those of us who want to travel far or near. If you want to travel far with a short travel time, aircraft can be your choice. However, not everyone has ever or often boarded a plane. A long and transfer travelling can be annoying if you do not know something about this.

Things must be prepared before flying. Not only ticket procedures, luggage that can enter the cabin you need to know the rules. Here I summarize some airplane tips for you for the first time!

Prepare your airfare, check your identity.

You can get plane tickets from many places in various ways. You can book it by a travel agent, airline official website or from travel sites. Adjust your departure hours with your spatula and condition.

Pay attention to the airline baggage quotas you choose.

Each airline has a limit on each baggage offered. You must estimate the weight of the luggage as per the airline’s limit. If your luggage exceeds the limit, you will be charged more per kilogram.

Do not get the wrong terminal.

Check back the airfare you have purchased. Consider which airports and terminals you should go to. Do not get the wrong terminal yes! Later you can miss the plane!

Arrive early before boarding hour.

Watch your boarding hours. Usually 30 minutes before departure time. Come for an hour or two before the hour. There are some things you have to take care of and need a lot of … Read More

A Guide to Serviced Accommodation in Singapore

Looking for serviced accommodation in Singapore? Of course you are. Serviced accommodation provides guests with all they need for a successful stay. From flat screen TVs, housekeeping services, cosy bed linen, fully equipped kitchens and so much more, you won’t regret choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel room. offers premium serviced apartments in Singapore that deliver all the much-loved amenities and so much more.

Here are the neighbourhoods in Singapore where you can enjoy supreme serviced apartments:

Orchard Road

This 2.2 kilometer long boulevard is slap bang in the middle of all the fun. Being the centre of retail and entertainment, this is a major attraction for all visitors. Serviced apartments here, as you can imagine, come with sleek designs and premium facilities. From concierge services and the usual entertainment facilities, guests will have everything they need. Some even come with communal lounges, spa facilities and swimming pools.


One of Singapore’s planning areas, Novena also boasts many serviced accommodation hotspots. Hardly surprising seems as the Novena shopping mall is nearby and has a rising reputation in commercial business. Glamourous apartments are easy to find in this area, all coming with lavish amenities that make staying in Singapore so much better. Also, you’re only two stops away from Orchard Road; ideal for those that love being in the centre of things.

Marina Bay

An extension of the Central Business District, the Marina Bay not only offers incredible views but it also provides travellers with all their serviced accommodation … Read More