Getting the Optimum Benefits from A Tanning Bed


In order to better understand why you often hear people saying, “I need to get to the best tanning beds near me,” it is best to understand where they are coming from.

Let’s face it, a lot of people in the United States go to tanning salons for a variety of reasons- some practical, others trivial, but some are just plain impractical. Nonetheless, all of them have one goal in mind- to get their desired skin shade.

Reasons to get a tan

A lot of people prefer to get a tan when planning to go on vacation, especially on a tropical or beach location to prevent getting burned by the sun easily. Others believe that it is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment.

There are those who want to get a tan so they would look more attractive in their swimsuits during summer. While some contend themselves by looking for the best tanning beds near me and avoid the hassles of a crowded beach or spend too much time under the sun. After all, tanning salons provide more comfort and provide faster results.

How to optimize the effects of tanning beds

In order to get the most benefit out of tanning beds, it is important to understand how the human body reacts to light and heat, as well its effects on the largest organ of human beings- the skin.

With proper knowledge and taking the necessary precautions, you can get the best results from your tanning bed sessions.

  • Always take a shower before a tanning session and exfoliate your skin with abrasive soap or a scrubbing sponge because you need your skin to be free of dead skin cells and clean, which will enable your tan to enhance skin coverage and last longer.
  • Remember to always use high-quality tanning lotion. There are lotions formulated specifically for tanning beds that can increase your tan results by around 40% to 70%. It may be a bit more expensive compared to regular tanning lotions, but the cost is well worth it. Not only will you achieve better tanning results, but your skin will also be smoother and softer.
  • Make sure to net allow yourself to stay too long that you get burned instead of tanned. Never stay in the tanning bed any longer than you should. The initial tanning session usually takes around 6 to 8 minutes, which can go on for several sessions in order for your skin to get accustomed to the tanning process. Should your skin get burned, make sure to make it heal completely before going to get your next tan.
  • Protect your eyes by wearing protective goggles all the time. Prolonged exposure of unprotected eyes in tanning beds can cause permanent damage.
  • Space out your tanning sessions no less than 48 hours apart until you reach your desired tan goal. Once you have achieved your desired tan, it can be maintained with one or two sessions a week.
  • Tan extenders are preferred after tanning. These are lotions formulated to keep your tan last longer. It usually contains bronzers that provide extra color and contains ingredients that will keep your skin looking well-tanned and smooth.


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