So easy to travel in Krakow!

When planning a journey, you always have so much to think about: where should you go, how should you get there, what hotel you should stay in… It is probable that you forget to plan one simple detail: how you are going go get from the airport to city centre. In big cities it is not a problem, as you can see a lot of signs following you to a right bus or a train. But of course it is always better to have an idea in advance.

How to find the way in Krakow

If you are planning to come to Krakow, you also need transportation from the airport to the city centre, as it is quite far away. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to rent a car – you can easily go there by bus, train or taxi, depending on what you prefer. The way Krakow airport to city centre is not too long, but of course it is always good to spend the time in comfort, which we offer to our passengers. Do you have a lot of luggage? No problem, we have a lot of place for it. Maybe you are travelling with small children and thus require silence and calmness? For sure we can offer you that. Even when you are travelling with a group of friends, we are happy to help – you can book a minibus, so that everyone can fit together with their luggage. It is a very comfortable possibility – when travelling you should concentrate on the places you will visit and the memories you are going to get, not on such details, as getting a transport from the airport to a hotel – luckily you have us and we are happy to provide you with an easy way to get to the city.

Don’t let small things spoil your mood

Do you already have a plan how you are going to spend the next few days when staying in Krakow? We bet you do – and even if you don’t, don’t worry, there is so much to do in this city that you definitely will not get bored. We understand that you are busy and have a lot of things to do. Whether business-related stuff or private ones, we are sure you want to concentrate on that what matters during your journey. You should never let small things spoil your mood – and not getting right transportation may cause a lot of negative emotions. Getting from Krakow airport to city centre should increase you interest in the city and give you the first taste of the atmosphere in the city. We are happy to give you that. Don’t worry about anything, just sit down and relax – soon you will wake up in the greatest city in Europe. Come to Krakow and enjoy the multitude of cultural events, monuments, history and cool people.

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