7 Must See Attractions and Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is tourist heaven offers world-class architecture, sandy beaches, desert safaris, biggest shopping malls or man made island, there is a lot to see. Dubai has proven its worth as a middle east financial capital and continues to make waves around all financial sectors. Due to the easy visa policy, dubai attracts millions of visitors every year. In order to entertain all these tourists dubai has built attractions so visitors can spend quality time in the city. If you are visiting dubai, the first thing you will try to sort it out is accommodation. Fortunately, holiday homes Dubai is a great option for all those travelers who are seeking comfy and exotic accommodations. Short term rental is cheaper than the conventional hotels and one can feel more relaxed by living in these houses or apartments.

Once we sorted out the accommodation now it’s time to visit our favorites that places. There is so much to see in this wonderful city but we will only mention 10 cool attractions that worth every penny. So let’s get started!

Burj Khalifa – The True icon of Dubai

Residents of dubai can boast about the fact that they have world tallest building in form of Burj khalifa. If we say burj khalifa is a jewel of dubai architecture miracle then it would not be wrong. Standing 828 meters high, the Burj Khalifa is difficult to miss. The world’s tallest pinnacle is impossible to discover all in one day. Having more than 1200 shops and 150 restaurants makes it a perfect place to do all the activities like shopping and eating under one roof. On a crisp morning, the view from the perception deck on level 124 is totally dazzling, bested uniquely by the view from the lavish At The Top Sky Lounge on the 148th floor. What’s more, for the individuals who might want to wait for dinner in the mists, the Atmosphere on level 122 is the spot to be. Seen once in a lifetime. Other main attractions around burj khalifa are dubai aquarium, dubai shopping mall, ice rink, kidzania and fountain dance.

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Palm Jumeirah Man Made Island

A man-made island in the form of a palm tree – there’s a motivation behind why local people say ‘just in Dubai.’ Palm Jumeirah is one of the biggest man made islands on the planet and a triumph of human creativity. Local people and sightseers alike appreciate the Palm’s huge range of top-notch exotic hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont, One&Only, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray and, maybe most outstandingly, the notorious Atlantis, The Palm. Furthermore, monorail connected with tram system makes it’s easy for the visitor to reach here. There is also so much for foodies here you can find most of the big food brands and restaurants in Jumeirah. Whether you like german doner kebab, arabic cuisine, seafood or western food you will find easily here. So foodies will not disappoint once they visit palm jumeirah and its surrounding areas.

Kite Beach – A Perfect Summer Spot

If you are thinking dubai is all about dessert and skyscrapers then you are wrong because dubai also got awesome sandy beaches. Kite beach is a great place to chill out and spend quality time on white sand. You can do all sorts of water sports activities here like waterboarding, playing beach volleyball, skaters fly and do skating in skatepark. You can also grab some awesome snacks and fresh smoothie nearby open cafes. All in All kite beach is a perfect place to relax while watching a stunning view of burj khalifa.

Hatta Lake and Kayaking

Located 130km south-east of Downtown Dubai, Hatta is a perfect place to do outdoor activities like kayaking, camping, glamping, hiking, water jumping and enjoy food. Hatta lake is surrounded by mountains and gives you 360 serene view once you will do kayaking in its water. Adventure fun activities like zorbing, mountain biking, free fall jumping are also available at hatta through hatta wadi hub. This place is a bot far away, so if you don’t have a car then you can opt for luxury car rental dubai services to travel like a rockstar. Luxury car rental companies often have all major car brands. So check their rates and available cars before finalizing booking.

Dubai Theme Parks and Resorts

Dubai offers so many fun activities for all age groups and dubai  theme park is one of the parks where every age group can enjoy their time. Places like legoland, motion gate and Bollywood park can fill kids with pure excitement while adults can relax in riverland. Riverland offers awesome restaurants and entertainment activities that adults will find useful. The Lapita luxury hotel is also there to welcome the guests.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a perfect spot to experience the tale of old dubai and new dubai. Here you can feel that dubai has come a long way and it is continually going in the forward direction. It’s a newly added engineering remarkable feat in dubai architectural miracle. 150m high tower gives you a panoramic view of the city and it is a sight that you don’t want to miss out.

Mall of Emirate Near Al Barsha

Mall of Emirates was once a hotspot for all kinds of shopping. Even though dubai mall now gets the most attention but this mall still a favorite place for shopping goers. Ski dubai facility is inside the mall and you will also find ski slopes with minus -4 temperature, a perfect winter environment. Shopping options are endless as big brand outlet is there. For entertainment, you can move towards the movie complex with imax technology. Kids can enjoy rides in their entertainment complex. For foodies, there are so many options in and around the mall. You can find all sorts of cuisines here whether it is arabic, asian or western. Like me i am from lebanon, I find the best Lebanese restaurant in dubai here in Al Barsha. If you don’t know how to find the restaurants then use your mobile search lebanese restaurant near me, I am sure you will find lots of restaurants. Similarly, you can search for any country cuisine in the same way.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is an awe-inspiring city where you can’t get bored, as the city offers so many entertainment opportunities. There is something awesome for everyone here. If you are planning to visit dubai then these are some of the places that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. This is just the tip of the iceberg this wonderful city has endless attractions that will make your time and visit special.

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