A Holiday That Was a Wake-up Call for Us

My wife and I have worked very hard the last ten years. We both have received promotions that have made us a very comfortable nest egg. We did have to make some sacrifices as did our three children. We are able to get them what they need though, and they are appreciative of that. We have not spoiled them though, which is why my wife started looking online at luxurious St Ives holiday cottages. We have taken very brief family holidays every year since our oldest was born. She wanted us to take a break from the fast pace that our lives had become so we could just enjoy a week of each other’s company.

She showed me the cottage that she wanted us to rent for a week, and I was just as taken with it as she was. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, so we would all be able to have our private time as well. It is not right in St Ives, but it was just a very short drive away. To us, that gave us the best of both worlds. We wanted to spend time in St Ives, but we honestly just wanted to enjoy some downtime with the five of us too.

I was able to look at the pictures of the cottage, and I was happy to see that it had a swimming pool. All three of our boys enjoy swimming, even though they rarely get to indulge in it. When we showed them the cottage, they all got super excited. We had a fantastic holiday there, and it taught us something. If we had not taken this time to just relax with our children, we might have let several more years pass us by. This holiday taught my wife and I that we need to do this every year because while we have many more years of work ahead of us, we only have about ten more with our kids before they start their own lives. This was a true wake up call for us both!

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