Tips On Travelling by Plane

Various transportation is available for those of us who want to travel far or near. If you want to travel far with a short travel time, aircraft can be your choice. However, not everyone has ever or often boarded a plane. A long and transfer travelling can be annoying if you do not know something about this.

Things must be prepared before flying. Not only ticket procedures, luggage that can enter the cabin you need to know the rules. Here I summarize some airplane tips for you for the first time!

Prepare your airfare, check your identity.

You can get plane tickets from many places in various ways. You can book it by a travel agent, airline official website or from travel sites. Adjust your departure hours with your spatula and condition.

Pay attention to the airline baggage quotas you choose.

Each airline has a limit on each baggage offered. You must estimate the weight of the luggage as per the airline’s limit. If your luggage exceeds the limit, you will be charged more per kilogram.

Do not get the wrong terminal.

Check back the airfare you have purchased. Consider which airports and terminals you should go to. Do not get the wrong terminal yes! Later you can miss the plane!

Arrive early before boarding hour.

Watch your boarding hours. Usually 30 minutes before departure time. Come for an hour or two before the hour. There are some things you have to take care of and need a lot of time. If you come late, then you can miss the plane. Right?

Security Check

Before packing, you should first understand what items are allowed to enter the aircraft cabin and which should not be. Some items that should not enter the cabin, among others, such as sharp objects, scissors, and knives.

Lighters or electronic cigarette should be placed in the trunk. Rather than having to voluntarily submit them to airport officials.

Check in at the counter according to the selected airline.

After initial security check, you can go directly to the counter for check-in. At the counter, you will get your boarding pass. Not only that, large items such as luggage should also be submitted to be weighed and entered the trunk.

When swapping boarding passes, you can ask the officer to provide a comfortable seat for you. For example, you prefer to sit next to the window or in the middle.

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